Swimwear Bikinis

There are so many kinds of swimwear bikinis displayed on the racks of beachwear stores, and choosing from all these could be a daunting experience. However, thinking of the following factors while you are shopping would cut down on both the time and effort spent.

Factor #1: Build

If you have a large built, swimsuits with big patterns are best for you. The opposite applies to those with a small physique, while those in the middle would do well to go for a medium-sized pattern or design. If it is your first time to buy a swimsuit, seek the help of someone whose second opinion you value most.

Factor #2: Figure

For those with a curvy figure, any patterns will work. For individuals with angular forms, a bathing suit with softer patterns can provide a good contrast. Skimpy tops that offer minimal support are perfect for those with smaller busts. For those who have fuller breasts, look for beachwear with under wire support.

Factor #3: Style of swimsuit

Determine if a two-piece or one-piece is best for your figure. The former is perfect for those who want to bare more. When choosing a swimwear style, you should be comfortable in it.  Make sure that the cut or style allows you to do what you want at the beach without worrying about exposing too much. If you want to provide some coverage for your tummy, the tankini is a stylish alternative. This bikini style allows you to strut your stuff on the beach or by the pool without worrying about exposing bulges and stretch marks on your tummy. If you feel really confident with your body you can always look into getting a micro bikini which covers very little and is sure to turn some heads!

Fitting tips

For the leg openings and waistband, see to it that these parts are not cutting onto the skin. When the bottom does not give enough coverage, another style is the solution, and not really a bigger size. To many people, the most comfortable leg opening is one inch below the top part of the hipbones. When fitting, make sure that all the parts you want covered are indeed covered.

The straps should not cut onto the skin or fall off every now and then. When the straps keep on falling off, try a smaller size or another style. When you are trying a swimsuit with tie straps, you should move about inside the fitting room to see if the straps would remain secure. As much as possible, choose retailers that offer return or exchange policies especially if you are shopping online.

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